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Revolutionary Imprints. Norman Desmarais, Revolutionary War author and historian

Revolutionary Imprints

Norman Desmarais, Revolutionary War author and historian


This Week in History

March 20,


Charleston, South Carolina.

Thompson's Island, Massachusetts. British send a watering party to Thompson’s Island which is fired on.

A British fleet takes two prize sloops from New Haven.

Newport, Rhode Island.



English Neighborhood, New Jersey. Some Loyalists attack a post held by Col. Levi Pawling.



Abercorn Creek, Georgia.

A New York privateer schooner captures a sloop.

South Carolina galleys Congress and Lee and a sloop engage the armed sloop Greenwich and a British galley.

British prisoners take two Whig vessels.



Salkehatchie River, South Carolina.



near Woodbridge, New Jersey.

A Spanish sloop and the armed launch from the Galveztown fire grape shot at any Crown troops near the harbor.

The Irish privateer Star and Garter takes a large French sloop.



The Prince William captures a little Whig sloop.



The packet Hancock & Hampton drives a Crown galley ashore.

The sloop Fiery Trial captures a galley.

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