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Revolutionary Imprints. Norman Desmarais, Revolutionary War author and historian

Revolutionary Imprints

Norman Desmarais, Revolutionary War author and historian


June 10,



Hog Island, Massachusetts.



Dover, Delaware, Loyalist light horse plot revenge, but word gets out and Bassett is captured in bed.

St. Marys River, Florida.

The privateers Congress and Chance report at Egg Harbor with 3 captured ships, Lady Julianna, Juno, and Reynolds.

HM frigate Mermaid engages an American privateer.

The Kingfisher takes Captain Walker's brig.



Hackensack, New Jersey. Americans skirmish with over 200 Loyalists.

Privateer ship Vigilant captures the brig Mayflower which is recaptured by the HM Frigate Levant.

Privateer sloop Washington takes James Woodhouse's sloop Chester.



A Massachusetts privateer schooner captures a French snow.



The Pennsylvania armed ship General Greene captures the New York privateer brigantine Impertinent.



Gibson's Meeting House, Moberley's Settlement, South Carolina.

Closter, New Jersey. A British raiding party lands from the HMS Vulture and is pursued by militiamen.



A Dutch frigate captures the HMS Crescent.

The HM Frigate Flora captures a Dutch frigate and recaptures the HMS Crescent.

The HMS America recaptures the Ann.



The New York Loyalist privateer ship Virginia captures and burns the Rhode Island ship Marquis Lafayette.

The New York Loyalist privateer Fair American chases the Whig brigantine George aground.

Captain Lodowick Champlin's brig captures Peter Robinson's Crown brig Thetis.

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