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Revolutionary Imprints. Norman Desmarais, Revolutionary War author and historian

Revolutionary Imprints

Norman Desmarais, Revolutionary War author and historian


April 1,



Egg Harbor, New Jersey. HMS Endeavour chases some vessels from Sandy Point, MD to Egg Harbor.

Crew of a British tender plunder scuttle and set fire to the Endeavour.



Lonsdale vs. Royal American

Freedom captures Penelope

HM Sloop Beaver captures sloop Polly

British privateer schooner Surprize captures schooner Mars

HM Frigate Mermaid captures Clarissa



Woodbury, New Jersey.

The HMS Seaford captures the Whig privateer Hammond.



The South Carolina vessel Hornet and Captain Turner's Eagle capture the sloop Prince of Wales (formerly the Lord Howe) and capture the brig Royal Charlotte.

The HM Sloop Delight captures the French privateer Jean Burt.



A Guernsey privateer captures a French vessel.

The Pennsylvania privateer brigs Argo and Fair American capture a British sloop, the British privateer brig Elphinstone and the British privateer brig Arbuthnot.



Pensacola, Florida.

Bear Bluff, South Carolina.



Bryant's Mill, South Carolina.

A Massachusetts fishing boat takes the ship Harriot.

The Loyalist privateer brig Perseverance takes the Connecticut privateer schooner Raven.

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