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Revolutionary Imprints. Norman Desmarais, Revolutionary War author and historian

Revolutionary Imprints

Norman Desmarais, Revolutionary War author and historian


Day in History

October 2.      


Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire. HMS Prince George blunders into harbor and is captured.

HMS Prince George is captured.



Frog Town, Georgia.

Little Echota, Georgia.

Nacoochee Valley, Georgia.

Blood Mountain, Georgia.

Whig ship of war Columbus takes a brig.

Navy brig Cabot captures the brig Watson, ship Esther and the Clarendon.

HM Sloop of War Merlin attacks the Connecticut privateer brig of war Defence.



Billingsport, New Jersey. After the British seize the American fort, Whig ships fired on it until beaten off.

Mantua, New Jersey. A force under Gen. Silas Newcomb meets a force under Col. Thomas Stirling and engage in pretty brisk fire.

Mickleton, New Jersey. A British force attacks Gen. Silas Newcomb's troops.


The New Hampshire privateer ship Hampden recaptures the French vessel La Constance.



The Rhode Island privateer schooner Lively captures a sloop and a schooner.



The HMS Boreas and the HMS Greyhound capture a ship and a brig.



A British frigate chases Captain Treadwell.

The HMS Chatham captures the ship Defence.

The Pomona captures a Whig schooner.

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