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Revolutionary Imprints. Norman Desmarais, Revolutionary War author and historian

Revolutionary Imprints

Norman Desmarais, Revolutionary War author and historian


Day in History

November 15,


The Malaga captures a Whig privateer

Continental Navy ship Alfred and Continental Navy sloop Providence capture the snow Hetty.



Mantua Creek, New Jersey. Second battery near the mouth of Mantua Creek opens up on British ships in the river.



Currituck Inlet, North Carolina.

Continental frigate Raleigh is captured.



Oyster Bay, New York.

Two small privateers take a brig and four wood vessels.

The brig runs on a reef and is retaken by the Crown forces.



White's Bridge, South Carolina.

Cow Bay, New York.



The Brick House, Wilmington, North Carolina.



Captain Truxon's ship Commerce engages a British brig and a schooner.

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