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This page includes a selection of military calls for work duties, commands for actions on the field,  tunes and marches, including the two national anthems of the period (God Save the King and Chester).

Duties and Orders

1 Drummers Call

2 Roast Beef (Meal Call)

3 Water Call

4 Wood Call

5 Troop or Assembly

6 Preparative/Prime and Load

7 Make Ready

8 Present (Aim)

9 Fire

10 Cease-Fire

11 Parley/Truce Call


Airs and Marches

12 Color Ceremony

13 God Save the King

14 Chester

15 Grenadier’s March

16 Yankee Doodle

17 White Cockade

18 Rakes of Marlow

19 Duke of York’s Favorite Troop

20 Duke of York’s March

21 Boston March

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