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This book is the first attempt to quantify France’s contribution to the war. It profiles 25 French outfitters and merchants who provided much-needed military supplies to the Americans. It covers 56 engagements fought in New France (Canada), 32 battles on land in the American colonies and more than 700 actions fought at sea.


France sent at least 61 warships and more than 100 transports with 31,497 seamen and 12,680 soldiers to America. Of the total 44,177 men, more than 5040 perished to help procure American independence. France also incurred casualties in 24 engagements on land in the West Indies and 21 in the East Indies. She lost 972 vessels captured or sunk but captured or sank 1081 British vessels. The book also covers 123 naval actions which resulted in no captures. These include fleet actions which incurred much destruction on both sides, inconclusive actions, and those in which one party ceased action and sailed away.


America's First Ally: France in the Revolutionary War

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Revolutionary War on Land Collection

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