Revolutionary War Author and Historian

by Norm Desmarais

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Actions This Week

July 20, 1775

Long Island, Massachusetts. Americans on a foraging expedition are fired on.

Two schooners are captured.



Eaton's Station, Tennessee.

off Smith's Creek, Maryland.



HM Frigate Unicorn captures the sloop Sally.

Continental Navy Cutter Revenge captures the sloop Happy Return.

Several British ships chase Captain Niles’s Spy.

Massachusetts privateer ship American Tartar captures the ship or brigantine Nautilus.

HM Frigate Emerald captures the sloop Alexander.



The New York privateer Black Prince takes the brig Sea Nymph.

The New York privateer Mercury retakes the Enterprize.

The New York privateer sloop Lady Dunmore capture a brig and a privateer.

The HM Frigate Greyhound captures the Whig privateer sloop American Revenue.



Flat Rock, South Carolina.

The privateer schooner Peggy chases a sloop ashore.



The Loyalist brig Defiance captures the French privateer Tartar and the French privateer Le Frederick.

Captain Donovan, of the revenue cutter Waller, secures the quartermaster of the privateer Tartar and the crew of a pilot boat.

The British privateer Surprize and the General Arnold chase a sloop ashore.

The Crown privateer schooner Tyger captures a Whig brigantine.

The Scottish privateer Robust captures the English cutter Little Will.


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